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Municipal Software

We have more than 78 years of continuous experience with public agencies. We are committed to providing increased efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. The concept of Municipal Services has increased substantially as a practical approach to managing complex municipal operations. We have the ability to seamlessly integrate into an existing municipality or assist in the structure and implementation of responsibilities of a newly formed municipality.

Developed on the platform and highly configurable to existing work flows and best practices, the gov-easy solutions are the easiest yet most comprehensive software tools your organization will ever use. Whether a small town or large county, deployed on-site or as a fully hosted SaaS solution, gov-easy software will increase efficiency and collaboration, reduce costs and drastically improve the communities that you serve.


  • Building and Permit Tracking – gov-easy Building and Permitting Tracking is a turn-key web-based solution which enables both contractors and residents the ability to streamline the building and permitting process with this end-to-end solution.
  • Code Enforcement Tracking – gov-easy Code Enforcement Tracking delivers an integrated software suite designed to comprehensively centralize and streamline any Code Enforcement Division while providing local government administrative functions.
  • Point-of-Sale – gov-easy Point of Sale register is a turn-key web-based solution which enables resident and contractors the ability to pay for any associated governmental fees from virtually anywhere