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GIS Services

Our team has been involved in the full spectrum of GIS development for over 16 years, inclusive of, but not limited to, data development, data management, QA/QC, generalized mapping, data collection, data analysis, customize GIS web applications and GIS web hosting, just to name a few, along with being an ESRI Business Partner for over eight years. This position allows us to leverage additional resources from the world’s industry leader to ensure that our client’s needs and requirements are met with the highest standards.

We have installed an optimum GIS network environment to handle most client needs. There are two network environments specifically dedicated for GIS, in an effort to provide the highest level of quality service and support. One environment is the production/development environment. This network is setup exclusively for development and testing of all data sets and applications before they go live. The second network environment is our live environment and is located at a data center. This environment and network is utilized to publish GIS data and custom GIS web applications specifically developed for our clients. As the GIS custodian we maintain, host, develop and back up all of the clients GIS data, while providing an avenue for them to access their information via the web. These GIS environments will work in tandem with the GIS environment at the City. These separate environments will provide redundancy not only for the data, but also for the CGA GIS professionals providing your GIS service, while working cohesively to meet the needs of the City internally and from the off-site offices.

During the initial planning stages of all GIS projects, we conduct an assessment to become familiar with not only the project requirements, but also the goals, objectives and expectations of the stakeholders. In addition, other components of the assessment include the project responsibilities of both our staff and the government agency staff.