Perfectly Cooked Cube Steak: Timing at 400°F

Cooking cube steak in the oven is a quick and easy way to prepare a delicious meal, but how long should it actually take? For those looking for a simple and straightforward method, cooking cube steak in the oven at 400 degrees is a popular choice. However, finding the perfect cooking time can be tricky, as it depends on various factors such as the thickness of the steak and personal preference for doneness. In this article, we will delve into the details of how much time it takes to cook cube steak in the oven at 400 degrees, so you can achieve a perfectly cooked and flavorful dish every time.

Cube steak is a versatile cut of meat that can be cooked in many different ways. While it is often prepared on the stovetop or in a slow cooker, cooking it in the oven at 400 degrees is another great option. Not only is this method quick and easy, but it also results in a delicious and tender piece of meat. But how much time does it take to cook cube steak in the oven at 400 degrees? Let’s find out.

Preparing the Cube Steak

Before we get into the cooking time, it’s important to properly prepare the cube steak. This will ensure that it cooks evenly and turns out tender and flavorful. The first step is to season the meat. You can use your favorite seasonings, such as salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. Rub the seasonings all over the steak, making sure to cover both sides.

Next, you’ll want to tenderize the steak. Since cube steak is typically a tougher cut of meat, tenderizing it will help break down the tough muscle fibers and make it more tender. You can use a meat mallet, a fork, or a tenderizing tool specifically designed for this purpose. Simply pierce the meat all over to create small holes, which will help the seasonings penetrate the meat and make it more tender.

Now that your cube steak is seasoned and tenderized, it’s ready to be cooked in the oven at 400 degrees.

Cooking Time for Cube Steak in the Oven at 400 Degrees

The cooking time for cube steak in the oven at 400 degrees will vary depending on the thickness of the steak and your preferred level of doneness. A general rule of thumb is to cook the steak for 7-8 minutes per side for medium-rare, 9-10 minutes per side for medium, and 11-12 minutes per side for well-done.

If you prefer to use a meat thermometer to ensure that your steak is cooked to your desired level of doneness, insert it into the thickest part of the steak. For medium-rare, the internal temperature should reach 145 degrees Fahrenheit, 160 degrees for medium, and 170 degrees for well-done.

It’s important to note that the cooking time may also vary based on the type of oven you have and the thickness of your steak. It’s always best to check the steak regularly and adjust the cooking time accordingly.

Tips for Cooking Cube Steak in the Oven at 400 Degrees

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when cooking cube steak in the oven at 400 degrees:

1. Use a Cast Iron Skillet

Cube steak is best cooked in a cast iron skillet. This will help the steak get a nice sear and lock in the juices, resulting in a tender and flavorful steak.

2. Allow the Steak to Rest

After the steak is cooked, it’s important to let it rest for a few minutes before slicing into it. This allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, making it juicier and more tender.

3. Add Some Liquid

To prevent the steak from drying out while cooking, you can add a small amount of liquid such as beef broth, wine, or even water to the bottom of the skillet. This will create steam and keep the meat moist.

4. Use an Oven-Safe Meat Thermometer

If you’re using a meat thermometer to check the doneness of your steak, make sure to use one that is safe to leave in the oven. This will allow you to monitor the internal temperature of the meat without having to constantly open the oven door.

Other Delicious Ways to Cook Cube Steak

While cooking cube steak in the oven at 400 degrees is a great option, there are other delicious ways to prepare this cut of meat. Here are a few ideas:

1. Stovetop

Cube steak can be cooked on the stovetop using a skillet, just like you would cook a regular steak. Simply sear it for a few minutes on each side and then let it rest before slicing and serving.

2. Slow Cooker

Cube steak is perfect for slow cooking in a flavorful sauce or gravy. It will result in a tender and juicy steak that falls apart with every bite.

3. Grilled

If you’re lucky enough to have nice weather and a functioning grill, cube steak can also be cooked on the grill. Just make sure to marinate or season the steak beforehand to add flavor and help tenderize it.

These methods may require different cooking times and techniques, so it’s always a good idea to look up specific recipes and instructions to ensure the best results.

Final Thoughts

Cube steak is a delicious and affordable cut of meat that can be prepared in many different ways. Cooking it in the oven at 400 degrees is a quick and easy method that results in a tender and flavorful steak. The cooking time will vary based on the thickness of the steak and your preferred level of doneness, but by following these tips, you’ll be able to cook the perfect cube steak every time.

If you’re looking for more information on cooking cube steak, check out this helpful guide on how long to bake cube steak at 400 degrees. It includes step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to ensure that your cube steak turns out perfect every time. Happy cooking!

In conclusion, cooking cube steak in the oven at 400 degrees requires approximately 15 minutes per inch of thickness. This allows for a perfectly cooked steak with a crispy exterior and juicy interior. It is important to remember to preheat the oven and let the steak rest after cooking to ensure maximum flavor and tenderness. The cooking time may vary slightly depending on personal preference and the type of oven used, but following these guidelines will result in a delicious and satisfying meal. So next time you’re craving a tender and flavorful cube steak, remember to preheat that oven and cook it for about 15 minutes per inch at 400 degrees. Happy cooking!